now appears on the network a lot of Taobao shopping guide type website, through a kind of product comprehensive shopping guide, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate of the site. Because shopping guide if you do enough professional, then it is easy to win consumer confidence, but also to increase their weight in the minds of consumers, to achieve the ultimate goal of trading in the site. Because of this benefit, so now running a shopping guide website became the trend, various shopping sites have emerged, but the actual effect is not the same, some website operation is very good, expected to play a role. Some of them ended in failure. This article from the market analysis to the entire process of operation to analyze and explore how to more scientific management of a shopping guide website, I hope to give the friends who want to do shopping guide website some inspiration and guidance.

Before doing any website,

needs to do some market research and market analysis first. It’s especially necessary to be a shopping guide website. Many people do shopping exhibition million seemingly what products are included, cover and contain everything, but imagine a website of your energy is much, if you include too many products, how can you make a reasonable and detailed comments on each and every product, if you can not make a reasonable and detailed comments. Then the shopping guide website you will lose its value of existence, consumers go directly to Taobao. So, a shopping guide website after the decision, we must first decide what we do website will be the main type of product, there usually have two choices, one is choose to understand products, because if your website flagship product type is familiar, then there will be your original and detailed introduction in product selection, evaluation and source tracking, thus highlighting their own core competence; another is the choice and market potential of the product shopping guide website, of course, what is such a product, to see the owners own vision, is said to have the potential is in the present market showed a certain momentum, more space to grow, do not choose too popular products, otherwise it will be faced with fierce competition.

, whether it is to choose their own familiar product types, or choose products with market potential, is to highlight the unique competitive advantages of their website. Shopping guide website is a transit website for merchants and consumers. It is a pure service selling website. Therefore, we must put the user experience in the top priority when setting up such a website. Many in order to quickly put the site built, using some night ready-made template, this website speed is very fast, but the first impression is very poor, because many people in other places to see the same style and format ", aversion, and even lead to the lack of trust. So, for the shopping guide website so pure service website, the website construction must take very seriously, all from the user perspective, the establishment of professional and beautiful web design, so as to improve the user’s first impression, only in this way, coupled with the future of our products to make accurate and detailed.

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