small Adsense to realize profit making money, must pay attention to some things, when it comes to website, we sort out the idea, the purpose of doing the web site, is nothing more than the following three kinds:

1. Making money, earning more income, and not so hard. Earn more money, take more care of the family. (buying a car, buying a house, raising a wife)

two. Fame, the network is easy to become popular, network celebrities a strong, blog, forums, industry and so on are celebrities. (hao123 is the best example)

three. Interest, feel that they have a hobby like this is also good, so it will play. (interest is the driving force of all), most people still make money based, after all, mixing a little fame is not easy. Since it is making money, we must face up to the methods of making money. To make money, garbage stations are the necessary choice because money comes quickly.

to quickly grasp the flow of the three elements:

1. search traffic (SEO)

2. user stickiness (site content)

3. reputation and reprint and other

combined SEO in the eyes of small webmaster application of blog marketing is a very good choice, such as the blog website domain name PR is above 5, and the site is not afraid of being blocked, and the media attention and reproduced, good location can also quickly fire up to that point is no matter! A new station, and open a blog blog more than the value of the brush flow, also to carry out some Wangzhuan from it, so most of the small owners have their own blogs and propaganda platform, some people do not know how blog marketing would be empty. How do you advertise your website with the influence of blogs?

1., write articles, send logs, it’s better to be original and more popular with the audience.

2. hot spots, speculation, such as the recent king of the red wine, from other blogs different blog.

3. in the blog put soft Wen, in the article appear 1-3 times own web site, so that user acceptance is reasonable.

4. blog should also have blog circle, so to make friends, wide links, have time to go to other people’s blog step on step, to others to add popularity at the same time, oneself also follow up.

5. blog advertising advertising, blog advertising to sell this difficult position, obviously, but there are still many commentators have sold, such as: Zhan Peng, the first half of the 500 to webmaster Cai Liwen blog. There are many different ways, such as clicking on advertisements and so on.

small thinking, thinking to earn money thinking no matter what you do, you can make money blogging website, can make money, the size is actually no difference, to write a good blog there are professionals, worth up fast. Website operation is good, later is gold ingot, shake Qian Shu, more intelligent person is to complement each other

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