"one day live more land than cattle, pitiful wages, imperceptibly, enterprise website network editor to become the Internet industry most of little importance, most no future development of occupation. Many network editors also ask themselves, "is there a future for network editors?"


A friend called

, network editor a day live more land than cattle

"one day live more land than cattle, pitiful wages" is too general, I casually in the net search network editor found a part-time recruitment, recruitment standards for the "top 500 enterprises pay for 0.5 yuan / piece of calculation, more than 500 articles with 1 yuan / piece, according to the calculation of" the compensation standard calculation, to a monthly income of 1000 yuan, the monthly must complete 1250 articles issued in accordance with the requirements of the average 42 per day, according to the 1250 article to calculate the amount of compensation is only 0.8 yuan / piece.

of course, the above example is only part-time network editing, data sampling is not rigorous and comprehensive, full-time network editing treatment is much higher than this standard. But surely, from which we can see today network editor the awkward situation of the industry as a whole, with the development of network marketing, network editing demand is increasing year by year, but the overall treatment is to let a person dare not flatter.

why? Insiders know, "as the core value reflect the content of the website" has long been the "chicken ribs, network marketing, content is king" had become "more information included more, including more keywords". Today, all the Internet content is "copy, capture, pseudo original", just a search engine and potential users of the necessary means.

for the website operators, it is important to site traffic, no traffic, website operation revenue out of the question, your manuscript users high value user experience you are "wasting wax, meaningless.


current domestic website information editing process has become a tasteless link,

in short, in the current domestic web site operations, the information editing process has become the most technical content, the most insignificant, can save the province must be a tasteless link. In the eyes of Web operators, network editors are just "SEO ranking tools" and "code word tools" without thinking or saying "copying and collecting pseudo original" as long as they are all personal.

In the face of such

occupation status, perhaps network editor practitioners can complain: "for crossing the the Yellow River ice plug Sichuan, will climb Snow Mountain Taihang", can continue to ask: "where is the more wrong,"


but after complaining, we can see it by cool observation, though the domestic network >

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