recently, I in the operation of WeChat public, is operating for about 2 months, the fans also continued to grow, but the magnitude is not large! Our operation service number, within a month to push four times, but an article last year, but out of a group of "dark horse" pushed to more than 1700 fans, but he created nearly 5000 of the amount of reading! I think that reading can you more than 2 times the number of fans, can be said to be a success! I’ll tell you why the focus on the analysis of this article will be read so many


1. Do a good job in basic work,

do any work, should be based on good, do SEO is like this, do network marketing is like this, do WeChat public number operation is also like this.

What is the basis for the operation of the

WeChat public number,


here mainly include text typesetting, text size, subtitle black or other colors to distinguish, add other colors, eye-catching effect. Beautify the picture, start with a small picture that guides attention, and at the end of the picture, split the end of the boot and the end with the GIF dynamic split line.


two, attractive Title


push the public number has a characteristic, is the only show the title, so the title is very important, it directly decides whether your paper is by fans to click! If the title of an article is not attractive enough, the content of this article is again good, also failed because you make a lot of fans! Missed the opportunity to click


the title of this article is: autism is saved, Ban Ki-moon, Xi also began to focus on


the title of this article is very attractive, not only to attract parents of autistic children, but also to attract some people who have some knowledge of autism. Autism is saved before half, only to seize the psychological parents, because the treatment of autism problems has always been a problem in the world, this word is as long as the parents of autistic children to see, will have very strong attraction to the


, Ban Ki-moon and Xi have begun to pay attention. This sentence has a great influence,

Ban Ki-moon may be a lot of people who don’t know. He is the Secretary General of the United Nations. It’s also a major attraction. A lot of people don’t know he’s okay, but it’s a big deal. Everybody knows it.

so the title of this article, so that people concerned about the autism industry can not help clicking on it,


three, quality content

light has the title is not good, if not the quality of the content, it only shows that this article is really the title of the party! You are attracting user clicks, but does not allow users to take the initiative to forward! This is a kind of good content, will fail! "

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