because I read the 05 year school, vocational school, computer learning (3+2, 3 years and 2 years of secondary school to University) is now about 4 years, has spent 1 years in college! Reading slowly find the direction of learning, began to study the site! Since the beginning of school for me better.! let me help an enterprise to do the internal system, but for some reason things not done! But I would have more interest on the site! Later because of more contact on the forum to the interest, the forum registration number reached 2000 people around. What you do is local forums. The registrant is mostly local. At the beginning of the forum there are still some appearance, but because of lack of experience, because there is no timely filing problem, but also because of other issues closed the forum! (now still regret)

experience 1: website must be in time for the record!


secondary reading for 2 years and a half and half is out of practice, my luck is not generally good, work in a Beijing Information Technology Co. Ltd. Zhejiang from a small city to Beijing, unfamiliar! Where I mainly studied JAVA company has nothing to do important things that I do, where there is time to learn JAVA every day in addition to hit website when I was to design a website called "graffiti animation network"

because I use a table layout design there are many pictures when so open super slow speed in the online completion of this web design is his death! (but I still quite love this beautiful website own collection! There is a need to find me oh I free for everyone to enjoy


experience 2: website layout as far as possible CSS+DIV, website picture as little as possible,

then re designed a "graffiti animation network" layout of the CSS+DIV design after bought the domain name and space I spent 200 yuan on the ocean! Joined Ali Mama advertising alliance, joined the N advertising, slowly began to understand and deeply what is the advertising alliance, PV, UV, IP website ranking and so on because I am new! And N advertising, the viewer is disgusted! Because the site has its own original animation (he is a very important selling point! Flash do funny!) and the popular animation from youku. There are so many people coming back here. 100 yuan is really not enough for me. IIS is too small!


experience 3: people who invest in savings are the most wasteful people, so buy space must be careful Oh,


below to tell you how to buy good space! Buy space, we need to master the following key words.

(1) performance (2) capacity (3) price

said the first performance, the performance not only refers to the quality factor of the server’s bandwidth quality, the most important is to say when the on-demand, reasonable choice of their own virtual host, for example you need to do. "

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