now, more and more people began to join the Taobao station long queue, have set up their own guest website, only one purpose is to earn money, but not as many online rumors that Taobao off money how easy, many people do not wish to make money, where individuals feel the reason? The core or do not recognize Taobao off site location.


customer is the essence of to expand its visibility and sales, so that the majority of buyers to dig inside quality goods and shops, this can be said to be of great help for the quality of the goods and the quality of the shop, let those in the Taobao search which has not been able to very good ranking some good the goods in a broader way to sell to the buyer before. At the beginning, many Taobao customers in the forum, blog, promotion in QQ that most commodities are very good products, when you go to the website of the development stage, many new people began to ignore the "guide" core, as long as several programs just get up, you can wait for the money. Many people do not earn money why.

A lot of Taobao search

guest website on the Internet, many of which are copied some promotion code do, pick some special high commission and do not pay attention to the quality of goods and shop promotion, ask such a web search engine can be included? Can have a good ranking of


do Taobao customers should be attentively, and really do shopping guide, and only in this way, the site has the meaning of existence, will be the user, search engine’s favor.

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