for female entrepreneurs, the risk of large, high-tech projects are not suitable to do, more suitable to do some small risks, small investment business. So, what do women do? The following entrepreneurial stories may give you the answer.

entrepreneur Hu Xiaoling

Hu Xiaoling is the most love to eat free life an endless enjoyment of Chongqing, "Dengying Beef" not only that, she also live in the "tasting" into "money". She in the online Chongqing spicy snack shop Hotfood, buyers across the country, operating a variety of native spicy food reached more than 100, the peak season can have a monthly net income of 5000-6000 yuan. Shop first to consider the cost of opening a grocery store in Chengdu, the cost of at least 1000 yuan per month. And open a shop on the Internet, free shop rent, free transaction fees, the cost is very low."

entrepreneur Pan Lifan

online business prospects while many students around a resume, participate in various talent exchange, for job seekers everywhere, is also just graduated from Shanghai girl Pan Lifan, has his own shop on the net, main imports of cosmetics, the monthly income of nearly million. As early as in college, Pan Lifan was keenly aware that many cosmetics in the origin of the price is very low. The idea of "online trading" broke into her mind. She has made use of the unique advantages of the online platform to open the channels of foreign investment and marketing.

entrepreneurs Liangyuan garden

in the day, the jewelry store "blue world" the beginning of Liangyuan garden, set up shop in the network, is just out of interest. Shortly after the opening, she took advantage of the international platform online, the goods landed on the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other sites, actually attracted a lot of foreign buyers. She began to participate in the design of jewelry, the Chinese elements into which. 9 months later, we park shop has accumulated nearly 1000 credit, among the ranks of the big seller.

entrepreneur Li Jie

all the way through Rome Shanghai seller Li Jie, the original Huaihai Road has a silver jewelry counter. The shop is located in the downtown area with their own hard work, her business booming. But in 2003, SARS, but let the store becomes desolate. It is in this period, the network into Li Jie’s vision. At first, she just slowly processing the remaining inventory of the store line, and later found that home appliances are very suitable for online sales. Now, Li Jie has a team of 13 people, the average daily trading volume of up to more than 20 thousand yuan.

female online business advantages, small investment, quick return, a little bit of the mouse will have the opportunity to profit, naturally

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