if you think it’s easy to open a small hot pot shop, it’s a big mistake. Although the operation of small hot pot shop is relatively simple, the requirements of the chef is not high, but more attention to the store’s business strategy. Want to successfully open a small hot pot stores need to pay attention to many places.

in the course of business characteristics of a Hot pot chain, many methods can not be ignored, a lot of skills is to need special Hot pot stores operating businesses to master. Continue to learn, for their own characteristics hot pot chain, is very helpful. In order to allow you to better the characteristics of hot pot chain to develop faster, then, we look at how to operate a chain of hot pot can get a higher popularity.

1. when the guests into the store immediately feel a warm smile, friendly greetings.

2. is the first time to get the guests seated passion to host the.

3. do you personally serve every table guest.

4. do you have a strong desire to know them.

5. do you name them.

6. guest requirements can meet

for the first time

7. through your personal service, guests can have a good impression on you.

8. your waiter is responsible, there is no repeat the next time you come to take the initiative to point a waiter to serve him.

9. the guests in the dining process and you can check the waiter body language such as.

10. whether the initiative to visit the old customers before the holiday.

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