tea brands, many friends want to join the tea industry, but do not know what brand is better. So, in the end what brand of milk tea to join it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

Vme Wei honey milk tea

Vme Wei honey English tea is a British fashion brand Vme group, a new generation of brands, since landing China rushed after flushed what brand tea shop; join? A process of Vme Wei Chinese Honey Tea by British tea essence, let many investors come; Wei Vme honey English tea with fresh fruit into pure English tea, taste more delicate and delicious, different seasons add different fruits, more spleen and lung, the magical effect of slimming, this combination of nutritional balance and taste, popular throughout Europe in recent years.

fresh drink space drinks

"Block Drink" (fresh space) always adhere to the "fashion, health, quality" as the guide, to create a series of highly competitive market, high-quality coffee, fruit juice, milk tea, desserts, West Point products. Which brand milk tea shop to join? At the same time with the operation and management of strong support, has created the huge wealth development space for the majority of partners, and gradually become the domestic first-class modern management, project quality, management specialization, brand innovation of large water chain, chain, chain drinks and dessert station brand management agency.

Luxuries Tea Workshop

LuxeHome studio is a unique Hongkong tea drinks, tea flavor to its partial bitter, taste smooth and mellow strong characteristics. Which brand milk tea shop to join? Method of making tea, is more complex, to go through the process of tea (tea) into tea tea in the reserve to ensure strong results, and the flavor blending is different. Luxuries Tea Workshop entrance feeling is the first after the bitter sweet, finally is full of fresh. Luxuries authentic Hong Kong Style Tea Workshop, exclusive secret recipe, mellow taste, fragrant tea flavor, nutrition and health, more than 10 kinds of taste, a single product profit of up to 400%-600%.

The above is about to join the

tea shop some brand is better, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding, if you want to open a tea shop, must be a good study, good understanding, so as to better create their own cause.

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