translation of the two sessions of the goddess of popular   Yao Mengyao personal data photo exposure was held every year when the two sessions, the press conference of the translation has become a landscape of relish. As the twelfth session of the CPPCC National Committee, the press conference of the four session of the translation of Jiangsu beauty Yao Mengyao, 2007 entry of the Ministry of foreign affairs, has been working for nearly 10 years. With the end of the conference, the two sessions of the goddess Yao Mengyao quickly became popular network, become a hot search.

Personal information:

2000, Changshou City experimental high school after graduating from junior high school, entered the Jiangsu high school in Changshu province.

2003, admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University.

2007, was admitted to the Ministry of foreign affairs of People’s Republic of China.

2012 in March, the five meeting of the eleven National People’s Congress after the opening of the first press conference, beauty Yao Yao translation was netizen called "small fresh" translation.

translator, a translation should be in the "limited edition".

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