What is

‘s ability to be an investor? I think the most important thing is to have the ability to choose their own projects, only at the beginning of the election on the direction of the future is to ensure that the road will not go wrong premise. Spicy hot joined the project how to choose, Xiao Bian recommend to you Yang Guofu spicy hot. Why join Yang Guofu hot? Yang Guofu spicy hot will give you what kind of protection?.

you don’t have to worry about cooking experience, whether you have any social relations or not. The headquarters will be responsible for training in the short term you master the modulation technology, you need not worry about their franchise taste will have obvious difference with second headquarters, headquarters will provide you with a series of main auxiliary material to ensure your taste in the 90% agreement with the head office. Third the real low input, low risk, high return, customer satisfaction and review rate are more than 80%, so that you do not want to make money ah!

we never say they are authentic, as compared with the traditional ingredients we have countless innovation, we have a huge potential consumer base, development trend beyond your imagination, a few million investment in commercial street, bazaars or school station, traffic on the lot rent a store room, please believe that we are spicy hot, 4 yuan for others to buy, we can buy 4 to 5 yuan of money, and can keep the absolute advantage. Headquarters to provide uniform dress for you, unified technology, unified brand name, unified ingredients, unified management system, you only need to buy some simple chairs stools and kitchen equipment for 5000 yuan, you can easily make money for the boss.

will inherit the will of the times, the changes of the times, people’s dreams, these can not stop. Advanced service, perfect sales management system, advanced training mechanisms, the former concept of life lay a vigorous development of the cause of the road to join, and we will strictly abide by the relevant regulations of chain management Chinese, integrity management, to protect the interests of franchisees, common Malatang catering industry bigger and stronger.

join fee collection standard

. The Municipal County Area mortgage 3000 yuan (no default, during the operation of the end of the contract, a full refund fee 5000 yuan per year).

. The township level or below area 2000 (no mortgage default, the end of the contract management during the full return), initial fee 4000 yuan per year.

. The main downtown area or zone jiamengfei mortgage price negotiable.

business philosophy

awareness of the market – any department within the enterprise should be close to the market operation, understanding of demand, flexible response, quick response.

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