now almost any shop will carry out some promotional activities from time to time, which is a necessary way to promote holiday sales. And as time passes quickly, new year’s day, the arrival of two, Chinese has always attached great importance to festivals, rich festive atmosphere, the fiery consumption of big business, will become the new topic of holiday economy people talked about, when retailers in the Festival promotional activities will also be launched.

because retailers competition and product homogenization phenomenon, the new year and Spring Festival holiday promotions as retailers the marketing means, but the promotion efficiency has become a key, so how to improve the efficiency of the new year and Spring Festival holiday promotions?

promotion to have holiday features

because of the new year and Spring Festival holiday sales promotion and usually different, need to pay attention to all kinds of festival customs, etiquette, habits and other features of the nation, the author thinks that one should pay attention to the new year and Spring Festival holiday promotion of the internal demand, full of gifts and festival concept. On the other hand to do facade eye-catching, festive atmosphere, can effectively use a variety of high technology means to stimulate the consumer’s eye, such as sound, light and electricity the facade of the packaging, will be the best to attract consumers.

promotional policies to feature

in the choice of product promotion, retailers should be in the Spring Festival, new year’s Day festival introduced a more attractive sales policy. The retailer is to shape the characteristics of good choice of promotional products, promotional features, such as: their gifts, packaging, gift, concessions to clearly establish the characteristics of the banner, the characteristics of marketing do to improve customer into the store.

promotion to quantify

holiday marketing should pay attention to during the festival, the festival of consumer psychology, the integrated use of advertising, on-site sale marketing, the number of promotional products, to rapidly improve product sales force.

promotion to innovation

needs continuous innovation in the marketing process, such as the implementation of the promotion period, on the first day of the new year and Spring Festival festival, the festival consumption time, limited time to encourage consumer spending, meet the promotion demand at a fixed time.

is now a lot of shops to carry out promotional activities is completely a copy, there is no unique characteristics, so how to attract consumers? In short, the new year’s day, the Spring Festival to reflect the characteristics of the two promotions, to have a complete plan and implementation plan. Only in this way can we compete for a certain market share.

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