do you think that this is a sauce shop when you see the shop on the street?. Harbin is one of the sauce and smoked foods collectively. Smoked sauce is a unique flavor of the city of Harbin, has a long history. The old, cooked food franchise called "sauce shop" and "the water of Fangzi". Shop is jiangrou family style workshops, into their own raw material processing, or to the morning market stalls or wholesale, bed, or cart or basket box sales, selling back.

how much is Mrs. Lee’s sauce?

Mrs. Li

smoked sauce, healthy food, bring calm choice for producers, producers to become producer assured, reliable brands. Mrs. Li smoked sauce, is the leisure food industry Chinese spices, a dazzling star, brand value ranked industry forefront. Mrs. Li smoked sauce containing eighteen kinds of amino acids increased. Fresh ability, delicious, soft, pure natural, nutritious, compatible with soy sauce and monosodium glutamate, is a very good brand, then joined the

brands need to how much money?

join fee is as follows:

venture shop: 80 million yuan

store area: 50 square meters less than

standard store: 10 thousand yuan

store area: 51 to 100 square meters

flagship store: 20 thousand yuan

store area: 100 square meters or more

join will get the following support:

1, Lao Li wife sauce company is responsible for the service process for each franchise, skills, skills training. During the training period to join the board and lodging;

2, according to the city to conduct market research to give investment advice, according to the shopping district of the shopping district survey and site selection suggestions;

3, store decoration, kitchen layout, organizational structure, rules and regulations, operating procedures, advertising, sales techniques, etc. by the old lady smoked sauce company responsible for guiding the implementation of

4, Mrs. Li, the first of the whole course of the whole style of operation, to ensure that you do not have the experience of cooking, you can also shop

through the analysis, I believe that this issue is very clear, then join the brand prospects are good!

if Lao Li’s wife can join you

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