a lot of people in the operation of the car wash shop, will be very confused, for example, the location of the shop where? For the vast number of consumers, this issue is related to a lot of people.

first, location, the location of the shop is very important, the surrounding situation, not necessarily in the city center, usually in a good place road, open place on the line, it is best to close the car park or auto repair.

people usually stop for the night, or car repair will be finished, the gas station is best not to engage in, because a lot of gas stations on the belt and the price is very cheap, to engage in gas stations near the best prepared to fight a price war.

second, the brand, for example, said some car wash to engage in a very good, so that people can remember.

third, services, such as service cards, etc., so that the next time you come here is very important.

fourth, artificial, to find collocation to find practical recruitment staff, patience and competent staff, let guests see the car in a clean manner, such as cleaning, you need to work carey. We must pay attention to clothing, professional clothing, professional training can protect the normal operation of the car wash shop. Try to avoid too old or too small, too small will make people unhappy, too large is not natural.

fifth, service attitude, the boss and employees of the craft, mainly nuanced, attitude and quality of service is an important basis for customers to choose the car wash shop again.

today we spread to the majority of investors on the opening of a car wash shop need to pay attention to what, I hope that today’s content can help you, bring you greater harvest, it is worth the people.

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