entrepreneurship lecture hall is in order to teach more entrepreneurs entrepreneurial knowledge, increase the entrepreneurial skills of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial needs of people can not be missed!

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the forum invited the British University of Sunderland master of engineering, deputy director of the Liuzhou science and Technology Bureau Dong Xiuluan for college students preaching tuition, attracted new organs, enterprises in the park cadres and workers and college students nearly 200 people attend.

Dong Xiuluan with their own learning and work experience, the main characteristics of the current college students, respectively from the friendship, love, career, health, philosophy five aspects, told the students how to more meaningful to spend time in college, how to win in the fight in the workplace of the future, how to reach new heights of life. Speech, Dong Xiuluan also shared a lot of very real, practical, ground gas dry, won the applause of the students.


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