in the 2016 national NPC and CPPCC period, Tsinghua vice president Shi Yigong talking about their own dreams. As an education expert, naturally want to cultivate more talents, leading the development of China’s education. His dream is to build a first-class university in Henan.

development in Henan

, education and research

"in the Henan delegation group will listen, speaking on behalf of the development of Henan, feel very excited!" Shi Gong said that for such a large population of Henan Province, to achieve such results, is proud of the people of Henan really amazing.

According to the data of

he saw that the situation in Henan can be used "Three Province" to sum up: the largest economy in the province, the emerging industrial and agricultural province. Shi Yigong frankly, as a Henan people, as a deeply loved Henan scholar, he hopes to become a major province of education and research in Henan.


University Construction

recommended famous universities

in Zhengzhou air port

"Henan as an important birthplace of Chinese culture, as the epitome of China, science and education will lead Chinese, not ranked in the first echelon, unwilling to my heart." Shi yigong.

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