is currently the world’s most popular franchise chain suction gold project, the chain of large and small brands hit the hearts of entrepreneurs interested in this area of interest. With the rapid increase China international economic status, the national franchise showing a good trend of development, franchise industry has become a hot topic in the international market, with advantages of minimal imput and fastest minimum risk ", become the preferred way of entrepreneurs to enter the market, and quickly swept the world.

"Zhengzhou Franchise Exhibition" is the new Beijing Xiximu International Exhibition Co. Ltd. Franchise Exhibition area. Franchise Exhibition held 27 consecutive session of franchise chain exhibition, with many years of experience to host the Franchise Exhibition, to create a strong small and medium-sized investment projects in central business exhibition, the central region for the prosperity of franchise market and help the central region the majority of entrepreneurs, do their own efforts. The "Zhengzhou Franchise Exhibition" will be based on the features of the franchise market, the central integration of various resources, to build the best platform for the negotiation of businesses and the majority of entrepreneurs, the organizing committee are looking forward to your participation!

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exhibition area of 8000 square meters, the exhibition unit of the exhibition, the exhibition chain brand of 180, before the opening of the professional audience invited to 20000 people, the security record of 53600 passengers. This exhibition chain brand project involving food, education, environmental protection, Home Furnishing, electronics, laundry, health care, food, clothing chain, children’s theme park and other 13 industries, the exhibition attracted many well-known industry leading enterprises to participate.

. The previous part of exhibitors: uncle Sam, Beida Jade Bird Education, red yellow and blue, long training education, Global IELTS, 7 Days Inn, GreenTree Inn, A hotel chain, ekiya 365 chain hotels, e-buy chain, Chau decoration, Jiahe decoration, Kerry and a product of porridge, Dong Laishun, duck king group, Shanghai haorun environmental protection and elegance hill international catering, xinladao, diaokeshiguang, DIO coffee, coffee, coffee, Bailey, a hero of Manabe chicken duck, cheap square, bibike, Ho Chak water, spring, love surface, it sinks to the group, 1000 Jin Yong, longrun tea, Ma tea, tea, Wuyutai automobile, turtle, anlai the car, Shang Yi, Anderson Knight Home Furnishing Home Furnishing, smart LOCK&LOCK, Tayohy, the song friend meeting, natural beauty, xiushentang, Vicki, Wei Manicure, Kyoto, Sunrider liulingzui wine and beauty The wine sinks, bees, bee bee flowers, Tang Sen Park, Yan house, DIA, twenty-first Century real estate, Beingmate, COFCO, Lenovo Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Tongrentang, happylife laundry, laundry, Ronnie, Wang Fu Yuan express, Pan Asian non-ferrous metals, and in combination, with Tibetan culture, zidler a real man jewelry, Dai Mengde, orange health, family and other well-known brands.


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