home life, want to have a more intimate space, you can not lack curtains, which is very important. Moreover, with the high demands of people’s lifestyle, the curtain should keep pace with the times, more in line with their own home decoration style. So, do you know which curtains are used together?

A, red and black collocation can alleviate insomnia. If the living room curtains to talk to the guests, then the bedroom curtain is designed specifically for the master. Warm, romantic, intimate bedroom space, curtains, in addition to decorative effect, the main protection of privacy, regulating the light. Choose dark shading cloth, good, and can play to promote the role of sleep, especially the black curtain collocation is a good choice for insomnia.

The curtain design

two, color models of phase collocation and sofa. In general, the modern style of the decoration, the living room curtains should be designed with the color and style of the living room sofa fabric, linen or cotton fabric. The color with light colors such as beige, white, light gray; European style, curtains of color is brown, yellow, dark coffee; and Chinese style dominated by red and brown. Curtains and decoration style, furniture layout integration, fully embodies the law. Different curtain head, or elegant, or simple, rational or emotional or romantic, graceful, they speak a different mood in the invisible.

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