as a college student, in fact, spare time is quite a lot, so they try to find out what kind of project is suitable for their entrepreneurial development, and now we come together to take a look at it.

clothing retail business;Rong Rong students 2nd semester

in the meantime, because of the terrain unfamiliar, lack of experience, she had lost several times and even the experience of being cheated, but after this, everything she’ll be more careful and thoughtful to do. The sale of clothes will encounter various problems, such as some students try a lot of clothes do not buy or in a few days, but for return. For these problems, Rong Rong always patiently to meet all the requirements of.

for a penny earned, Rong Rong jokes are not willing to spend money, and think through after, after all their hard-earned. Will knock issued persisted in campus, every school time is the time magazine agency are most busy. Distribute leaflets, posters are essential, but " " is the top issue of knocking at the door; in.


2005 of the normal university students Xiao Wu do campus agent in school, responsible for selling mobile phone cards, most of the time can earn more than and 600 dollars a month. This had to do is not to work, just feel fresh and fun.

she initially sell mobile phone cards to " ", " poverty; poverty " one by one is asked not to knock on the door of the dormitory card, ran also bear the others do not trust the mouth parched and tongue scorched. Vision loss also did, mobile phone card and money do not have to pay their own. Pocket. After work, she would not have to do this kind of work, to lead others one. " " mother is very supportive of her thought, looking for something to do better than sleeping well at home.

; entrepreneurship; rent bookshop from 502

24 at noon, and nearly 20 books into the University of traditional Chinese medicine hospital garden 502 dormitory, the door on " 502, " rent bookshop; in which the 8 girls.

grade 2005 nursing department

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