Why choose to join the project

fish Shu River fish to join the project, the main reason is the Shu River fish, are nutrition, taste buds meet consumer demand to a certain extent, it will attract the attention of investors. So what Shu River fish? Shu River fish, industry well-known brands, unique fish, exclusive skills, composite business diversification profit, helped many small entrepreneurs succeed, is a worthwhile investment project. A lot of investment in the franchisee will ask, Shu River fish headquarters where? The following small for everyone to talk about.

Shu River fish franchise headquarters in what place

Shu River fish will focus on health research, more than 100 years of secret recipe combined with Western nutrition concept, coupled with the traditional medicine formula, so that set in a special taste and nutrition delicacy, is to adapt to the needs of contemporary people. This product will attract an increasing number of consumers into the store consumption, which will undoubtedly expand the market, create limitless market prospects.

Shu River fish little investment, easy operation, flexible investment shop: fish without catering experience, less investment, quick effect, for the mass consumer diet, unique taste, everyone loved, no worries about the source, low cost of raw materials, consumption of high profits. Simple operation, any store can operate. Shu River fish market, suitable for all parts of the country business, business is hot throughout the year no off-season, taste spicy taste, taste pickled, spicy, pickled onion flavor taste, etc., can make the fish fresh and fresh eat a hundred tire. High yield


company’s address is in the company headquarters moved to the main city of Chongqing Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge. The company was founded in 2004, after twelve years of development, the company brand upgrade, not only created a brand awareness and reputation; wide and good more, boost the development of catering industry, directly led to hundreds of thousands of people to join the catering industry. Shu River fish become a shining pearl in the market.

Xiaobian introduced, want to go to the headquarters of the franchisee can go to see!

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