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an Internet cafe, will be involved in all aspects of the work, but for many owners, a day care attendance and popularity of Internet cafes, Internet cafes every day except outside the business income, rarely ask a very important thing: cashier. Some people say, is not concerned about the operating income of the cashier? This statement is wrong. Today we would like to say that the operating income and cash register is not the same. To put it simply, operating income is how much money you earned today, and the cashier can be different, he decided directly to your Internet cafe is a loss of income. If you don’t believe it, please look down.

has two problems plagued the normal cash register, a charge management software is its own vulnerability, there is a man-made situation. The software’s own vulnerability, Internet cafe owners can not control the subjective, but for the "artificial" as long as the management in place, or can be prevented. The problem here is very clear, that is, Internet cafes on the fatal defects in financial management, business is still going on, how can we avoid this phenomenon?

in order to avoid the occurrence of this problem, Internet cafe owners must first understand some misconceptions, such as the management of billing software is safe, Internet cafes staff are very honest.

1. management, billing software is very safe

a lot of Internet cafe owners due to the limited understanding of computer knowledge, this is not enough to understand. However, such software is compromised, the loss of computer data, and even the Internet cafes are not caused by the normal operation of the machine may occur. In response to this situation, Internet cafe owners should urge the network management to the Internet cafes in the terminal, server, cash register in a timely manner to make a patch, do a backup, but also to install anti-virus / anti-virus software. On this basis, it should be strictly prohibited to allow any staff from the network to download, install software, etc..


the use of Internet management and billing software, it is best to use genuine, the network spread some of the "perfect version", "hack", and "unlimited edition" is released by some software enthusiasts, which will inevitably have "bad people" "products", so in the network management, the use of billing software is best to buy genuine.

2. believes that every employee is honest

Internet cafes will face an uncertain amount of cash income and expenditure every day, some of the minds of some Internet cafes staff may have some other ideas". Internet cafe owners in the arrangement of the cashier staff is best by their own person, in addition to the establishment of a complete collection of silver management system, the most likely to prevent the emergence of loopholes. For example, in terms of cashier management, in addition to full-time cashier, no person shall handle the guest for the

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