many people are constantly grumbling, you want to create an industry, but did not know the choice of what kind of project, do not know where to start, these people in the choice of projects there is no certain method, but also how to say later success? Below and let Xiaobian for you to introduce the six entrepreneurial skills!

1, Jianfengchazhen take market blank

economy more developed, more social progress. It needs more refinement, therefore, small investors should develop, committed to the operator without me some commodity and service, take the market blind. Such as business with big shop facilities, complementary goods; open scrub, pick the new industry such as the service on line three hundred and sixty; time management for blank shop, hotel, new shops, night market and so on, to provide multi-level services to consumers.

2, do not choose where to squeeze crowded

3, active home flexible business

4, fast response boat small U-turn fast

5, small profits but no pressure

6, that is, to make money selling heart not too

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