dry cleaners brand many, many friends also have the intention to open dry cleaners, but the market outlook is still not very clear dry cleaners. With the development of the times, people’s material life and spiritual living standards have been greatly improved, the dry cleaning industry has also been a new change, the following is the analysis of the status quo of the dry cleaning industry.

backward traditional dry cleaners, obviously can not meet the demand for washing, mainly in: with the improvement of living standards, more and more ordinary people have to wear a professional dry cleaners need to clear cleaning wool clothing and leather clothing, hand workshop style traditional dry cleaners have been unable to meet the scale the expanding demand for services.

the fierce social competition, lead to people’s work and life rhythm speeding up, the time is effective, time is money, time is life has become a popular consensus, so the washing speed are required to accelerate, the poor condition of the traditional dry cleaners have been powerless. The development of economy, the improvement of social civilization, especially the people business, business people increasingly high demands on the quality of laundry, coupled with the reform and opening up, commodity circulation cross-border convenience, people enjoy the clothing fabrics have been renovated, so the washing technology requirements also more and more strong, the old laundry regardless of equipment or technology are very backward and rough, want to do but powerless.

the world industrialization level, exacerbated by the deterioration of the global environment, and have a direct harm to human health. Environmental protection is not only the focus of international environmental protection organizations, but also the common voice of all the earth people. Hefei to ask how much money, how much money, open dry cleaners, outdated technology, laundry equipment in poor performance not only to exceed the standard air emissions of harmful gases and residues of toxic substances will be in Guoliang after washing clothes, causing direct damage to health. Several local governments in China have sounded the alarm to the teachers’ dry cleaners, which will soon disappear.

in the enjoyment of material abundance at the same time, people pay more attention to the quality of the spirit, always hope to get a satisfactory tone, his impeccable service. Always want to avoid no credit, no guarantee, at any time may mean service is infringed, so as not to spend money on anger, and tend to be skilled, safe and comfortable, durable service brand reputation, consumer awareness, self-protection awareness, brand awareness is strong. To this end, the urgent need for the establishment of large capacity, large scale, intelligent, high-grade and efficient new laundry. Practice shows that in the past few years, the country has been opened on the grade.

on the new concept of laundry scale modernization is rapidly out of the laundry local old-fashioned, this also proves the correctness of the analysis. On the other hand, in the country set off a wave of wave after wave of urban transformation and optimization, business district, community focused construction, but also provides a good condition for the prosperity and development of high-end laundry.

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