China’s entrepreneurial fever continues to rise, and now is the golden age of Chinese entrepreneurs". Double policy benefits are more and more obvious. Driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, China’s private equity investment last year also high.

  global consulting firm PWC 3 released the report, in 2015, global private equity and venture capital transactions grew 18% in the background, activity has increased significantly Chinese private equity funds to participate in various investment transactions, the total transaction amount of $192 billion 100 million, accounted for 48% of the total global trade, an increase of high 169%.

"risk investment industry and technology industry investment touted by investors, they want to seize the China technology industry opportunities, in the context of the economic slowdown for visible growth opportunities; the completion of the transaction in some large transactions, including early financing, also with the integration of the technology industry began to mature trading company." Gao Jianbin said.



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