what kind of words this year the hottest? Certainly is the prime minister Li Keqiang public venture, this sentence is highly innovative, it is proposed that quickly spread and get out, on both sides of the Changjiang River, actively respond to local government recently, Hunan provincial Party committee secretary Xu Shousheng proposed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the call.

in the province to carry out innovation activities advanced typical tour report, the purpose is to play the leading role of advanced models, enhancing the innovative spirit in the whole province, innovation and entrepreneurship to create atmosphere, the formation of innovation and entrepreneurship. Advanced typical introduction of innovative entrepreneurial process, practice and experience, enlightening and inspiring, provide much material for thought. Their story is the courage to fight the story of entrepreneurship, innovation is the pioneers of the story, is the integrity of the story is the return of social autonomy, Thanksgiving story, worthy of extensive promotion, publicity and in-depth study. The whole province to take advanced model as example, learning advanced, striving to advanced, catch up with the advanced, innovative, diligent and creative entrepreneurship.

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:

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