is now the wall white wall has bid farewell to the era, many people want to impress on your wall, Kung Fu, has also make a fuss on the wall is a kind of individual performance, paint, wallpaper, paint, format pattern to the wall to show the vitality in the space atmosphere is active, or monotonous colors, or grass carp flowers and birds, or landscape characters, or self portrait, personal preferences and personality characteristics of the master reveal the most incisive, the walls are put on the new clothes, cloud like clothes look, and see how popular this year wallpaper "clothes"?

Soft, a trend:

in the cloth

into   Home Furnishing   a MALL model room, immediately found himself like a cloth wrapped the soft and quiet world. "What we want is this kind of feeling – with a soft cloth wrapped hard wall, it will give people a warm, peaceful feeling." The designer said, this kind of wall is called roolls, its surface decoration cloth, the inner layer is that the use of sponge, cloth and sponge wrapped cloth are applicable to any wall. Because of its sound absorption effect is very good, usually used in the living room TV backdrop, bedroom or audio-visual room, but not a large area of use. In general, the soft interior decoration is simple and elegant, the color is soft and warm, rich edges founder, continuous symmetry, feel is soft, very comfortable. Can be cleaned with spray cleaning agent.

Wood fiber


with designer guide, came to a wood fiber made of pale yellow walls, and bright, very texture. Touched, feeling very rough, a careful look at the surface of many tiny holes, granular uneven, but such good care of the wall? Inside the small hole will hide grey?  , "of course, good care, direct use of vacuum cleaner to clean up the lateral filter nozzle. The designer said, this wallpaper installation is also very simple, just as the basis for treatment can be on the wall original latex paint, "wood fiber can also repair and relocation, but to avoid the bump".

three, the trend of the striae brick: zipper, also on the wall

if you are a young fashion, but also the courage to accept new personality elements, you can try to try a small area skin texture brick recommended

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