With the surge in the number of

cars and the strong demand for car washing, it is wise to open a car wash. Many friends are asking, what procedures to open the car wash shop? Novice shop need to pay attention to what matters? The following small series to introduce you to the car wash shop notes.

What procedures should be open

1, a copy of legal person qualification certificate;

2, in the city vehicle cleaning station written application;

3, business license;

4, the city planning department approved the site submissions or proof of ownership and lease agreement;

5, construction and operation of the source of funds and the relevant letter of credit;

6, project completion acceptance data and equipment installation acceptance report;

7, sewage and sludge treatment process and other environmental protection measures, car washing site shall obtain the approval documents of the Department of environmental protection, the need to obtain approval documents, the traffic control department of the municipal water, by the specific approval of the clear


8, cleaning services, and the size of the business process to adapt to the program and the selection of major equipment, facilities and equipment related to the material and the appearance of photos;

9, personnel composition and service standards, rules and regulations;

What procedures should be open


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