site we are very familiar with, a lot of people will also be designed, but the site can also make money? This is not very magical, then in the end how to make money? And let Xiaobian to explain to you slowly, so as to start your own business and a direction!

1, a lot of people say can make money by SEO, then all SEO training together, so N many people crazy to participate in the training, then N website up, but also N many people did not make any money, then SEO can make money? The answer is certainly, but to learn SEO SEO with the use of money is two yards, because the highest level of SEO is to forget SEO, before the hot business network due to excessive SEO, Penguin algorithm of Google. So, do not deliberately do SEO is the best SEO.

2, web application development, develop two times, this is belongs to the technical form, the station was sold within a hundred characters code, 5000 yuan, a character! So do technology is very popular, the key is how to learn the technology and make good use of this technology. It is a problem.

3, the garbage station group, which is currently in the operation of a few people to make money online, but it is also a very profitable way, if you have a website one month to your income is 100 yuan, then the 100 website is 10 thousand yuan! Make a website every day, a year later your income is 30 thousand yuan! This is only a conservative estimate, may be more


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