is a big part of the profits for many retail stores. Therefore, in order to profit, many retailers will pay great attention to the cigarette business. We have many retail customers, in the process of operating the cigarette, with super performance, anxious to breath into fat, carried out a large number of stocks, the introduction of the cigarette brand, not only to do the last cigarette market, also left a "heart disease" – inventory is too large, affecting the capital turnover.

is the first cigarette inventory is too large, especially in some major festivals to the temporary performance was obvious. Cigarette sales growth of major festivals this is a normal phenomenon, but not to the point of incapable of further increase. Because many retail customers reserves too much supply, resulting in a "post holiday syndrome" phenomenon, a large number of stock market turmoil has brought the festival of the backlog, as people have the cost of selling, selling price also have, not to earn money not to say, but also disrupted the cigarette market, to operate their own cigarette passive.

followed by the new brand inventory is too large. The new brand of cigarettes is not every retail customers can sell smoothly. It has a cognition to the acceptance process, there are two types of new brand of cigarette retail customers caution: one is the rural retail customers, some consumption of this kind of customer facing relatively conservative consumer groups, their brand of real estate and veteran cigarette brand new high loyalty, accept ability is weak; the second is that some people flow relatively small roadside shop. For these types of retail stores, in order to sell a new brand, the first one or two to try to sell, and so the new brand formed a climate of the appropriate increase in the amount of imports.

if the cigarette products can be sold, the rapid reduction in inventory, so that funds can be returned quickly, which is naturally a good thing for retail households, there is no problem. Now, however, many retail households in the preparation of a large inventory, found that cigarette products simply can not sell faster. Therefore, retailers who operate the stock in the stock above the need for more effort, should not be too large.