many people are optimistic about this piece of home textiles, this piece of the market is indeed very fire, open home textile stores have become a lot of entrepreneurs have some ideas. How much money to open a home textile stores in the end to invest? Open home textile stores to earn money? Today we’ll show you around.

with 80, 90 married purchase tide comes, the textile industry has also ushered in an unprecedented development opportunities in their own. Relevant information, there are at least 20 million couples married Chinese each year, with consumption of each couple   2000 yuan, the textile market is as much as 40 billion. If coupled with the new house purchase volume, the market is more incalculable. But from this point of view, home textile investment prospects. This is not the bed of the replacement of the frequency, coupled with the daily needs of this piece of bedding, home textile market can be described as infinite.

Open textile stores money Mody, the problem of different views. In addition to the choice of the brand, but also includes the choice of store address, as well as the operation of the investment, which also involves the investment of funds and human resources. So, open a home textile stores in the end how much money to invest? In general, the success of the home textile stores operating funds mainly from the brand to join the fee, product payment, facade rent, facade decoration costs, advertising and other advertising shop opening.

select the market acceptance is high, famous brand, product quality assurance, more at ease; choose lots of good appearance, natural traffic is much higher; choose to join the support and guidance to support the awesome company, business more smoothly.

In fact,