although many people know to give the store to pick a suitable name, but because of the relevant laws and regulations do not know enough, leading to the name of the work is difficult to carry out, not to mention a suitable name. But now, there are a lot of entrepreneurs is a problem, that is the same industry can take the same name?

the provisions on the administration of the registration of enterprise names stipulate that the trademark right of each enterprise is protected by law.

from the enterprise name registration management principle, there are several cases do not constitute infringement.

one is to use the same name in different regions, and add names before the name.

two is an enterprise in the same region.

with the industry, as long as not in the same city can also take the same name.

related to China’s well-known trademarks of different industries can not be the same name. For example, Haier, Lenovo dry cleaners, etc., are not allowed.

For example a

"Motom" trousers was named A Well-Known Trademark in China, also called "Motom" ware is the industry Chuqiao, but still should be renamed, now called "Jomoo" ware.

so, if your city is not taken your name, you can use this name, of course, the premise is that you were not Chinese well-known brands, or certainly not approved. In short, the shop name, also need to comply with the relevant laws oh.