for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial space is a cause of the platform, can provide hardware support for the entrepreneurial team. Now Nanjing will build a number of pre store home entrepreneurial space, the first to achieve the entrepreneurial platform can live.

"we hope to break the traditional business incubator concept into the incubator with the concept of community platform is most popular at the moment, she began to help young entrepreneurs from the details of the most basic necessities of life, and help them more resources, docking investors and industry resources. Part of the quality of start-up projects, we will consider the platform to discuss shares, to give greater support." Yang Yichao said, before the store in the type of passenger space created in Nanjing for the first time exposure, not propaganda was ordered to go 4.

in order to meet a customer needs, entrepreneurial space itself is also constantly grow and change. This innovative entrepreneurial space, to meet the needs of some of the entrepreneurial life, reduce its economic incentives