for the food and beverage industry, the chain expansion is a common form, and how to operate a chain restaurant needs some skills. Want to do bigger and stronger catering business, then the franchise is the only way. Chain restaurant how to expand the chain expansion work?

A, the number of stores is more important than the quality of

China do marketing in the market, there is a trick, is the channel number, or the number of dealers, and even the number of stores, often determines how much of an enterprise sales.

join these two problems store quantity and quality, has always been a contradiction, marketing doctrinaires always emphasize franchise quality, subjective desire is good, but the result is often the quantity and quality are not good. The two damage to the right to take it lightly, our strategy is: "quantity based, quality of the second ".

of course, we are not saying that is completely not quality, but no major flaws in quality under the condition that the amount of loss of quality, quantity and quality are kept; quality loss quantity, quality and quantity are lost.

regardless of investment or joint venture, or to participate in the exhibition or join it, as long as to recruit franchisees, can do.

at the same time, in the investment stage, need to make some big concessions in the investment policy, the favorable investment conditions to attract dealers and franchisees.