now Internet business has come of age, and also there are many different ways of marketing, like a WeChat marketing is now more popular, in fact, in the WeChat marketing have a lot of successful experience is worthy of Internet entrepreneurs to learn, we have to look at what.

here to share a month to sell one million seller Taobao fun WeChat style.

start stage

game player must first open a public number, here recommended subscription number, service number is behind


first if you are doing beauty, such as our Bamei makeup, so users pay attention to your public number need to reply "skin + sex + age + name + mobile phone number to get gifts

if you are selling children’s clothing, so users need to reply to the child’s age + sex + height + mobile phone number + mobile phone number of parents "to get gifts

if you are selling sex toys, so users need to reply to XXXX. You think about it, I’m embarrassed to say

user test

Title: XXX skin care products, test your is not suitable for