we all know that now many travel agencies have a special service for the elderly travel services, travel agents in the business, the elderly travel occupies a very important part of. In such a background, coupled with the economic conditions of the elderly are getting better and better, why don’t we open an old travel agency. Of course, if you really open a shop like this, naturally there are more points we need to master. So, what should be the key to open the old travel agency?


data shows large tourism opportunities, every year there are more than 20 million elderly have inter provincial travel plans, the industry is expected in 2006 will reach the number of the elderly travel travel of the total number of 1/4, the elderly will become a new growth point of profit of tourism.

at the same time, the elderly and the work Limited Golden Week travel, young people, throughout the year can go out, while operating costs for the tourism industry off-season and the season will be several times, such as many scenic hotel off-season accommodation only tens of dollars a day, while the season up to hundreds of yuan ticket season is more, so the elderly travel agency is lower cost, greater profit margins.

old travel agency points:

1, highlighting the characteristics of the elderly. At present, most travel agencies have received ordinary elderly tourism, but has been tepid, the reason is not the elderly characteristics, so opened the old travel agency must have new features, such as planning the old man swim, swim, swim the elderly longevity golden wedding silver wedding and so on, to have the characteristics to produce a sensation this effect, in order to attract old friends to participate in.

2, selected lines. According to the characteristics of old friends, should try to avoid the big city, choose well-known mountains and rivers associated with Buddhism, or tourist attractions, transportation should try to train sleeper, time should be controlled within 7-12 days.

3, pay attention to risk prevention. Elderly tourism slow pace, spent a long time, generally need to send the delegation to prepare some doctors, emergency medicine, and the elderly should also consult in tourism, by a person or a travel agency to buy travel accident insurance, the insurance per person only tens of dollars, but can avoid the accident risk to the travel agency and the elderly family bring.

many people may have a travel agency operation experience, however, we should pay attention to, we are open for the elderly is a professional travel agency, therefore, only to master more points, can make our business more popular development. Well, if you open an old travel agency now, do you know how to do it?

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