in the current era, what needs to pay attention to creativity, to the shop named the same pay attention to creativity, so as to be able to attract consumers, business will be more popular. Nowadays, more and more people are buying and selling clothes. In order to attract popularity, many shopkeepers are on a personal name, want to rely on it "known". However, some names are catchy, but could not afford the aftertaste.

peace zone in Shenyang on the thirteen weft Road, called "happy to eat," the snack Department on the name of soliciting a lot of repeat customers. "Some guests think the name is deja vu." The clerk said.

Taiyuan street fashion underground "Bu whale shoes" and "shoe market five first forward" also because of homonym and allow passersby to patronize a. "This name very witty, pondering a somewhat interesting, very deep impression." Ms. Wang said the public.

but some names are homophonic indecent. A clothing store in the market Wu’ai shop called "what dog", at first glance do not think how big read out but angry public song, "too uncivilized, or sell children’s clothing, more indecent.

museum shops "Bitch love" also make people feel uncomfortable, "every time I refuse to go in, look at the name of the master did not think what grade, depending on the shop name to attract customers really have lost." Ms. Lin Yuxin, who often goes shopping.

to store a personal name, this is not what is wrong, the key is the name of personality can get public recognition, so as not to let the public feel uncomfortable. Many people said that the store name is nothing more than good luck, the so-called right and proper, want customers to be able to take a deep impression. However, by the rich and strange name to "the way", the moral will in the first place was reasonable.

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