twenty-first Century is the era of information, with the development of the Internet, our life becomes more and more convenient, it also brings opportunities for the development of electronic commerce and the surrounding industry, what the Internet surrounding industry market potential has not been fully excavated?

one hundred thousand yuan, enough for me to run a personal website. I intend to do a website of information, the main collection of the city’s most distinctive shops, bars, small restaurants, as well as small and personalized entertainment, the details of these places of interest. One hundred thousand yuan is mainly used for site support and information collection, to find two people together and I collect Street shop, hire a part-time college students responsible for website maintenance, upload photos and text. A year after the site has a stable audience, it will be sold at two hundred thousand yuan price.

advantage: the site put into small, do not need large fixed assets, and the target group is very broad, no geographical restrictions, as long as you see, there will be gains. If you do it, you can also establish some advertising cooperation business. In addition, the way the site to send information, such as Atlas, newspapers and other fast and convenient, and the update frequency is very fast, easy to be accepted and loved by the public.

disadvantages: run the risk of such sites, is the fierce competition. Network bubble era has passed, do not have to do too much money to create new industries. In addition to a number of well-known portals, personal sites, smaller and less competitive small sites, it is difficult to become famous, there is no fame, click rate is a problem. Moreover, if there is no good means of commercial operation, lack of planning, site once built, very easily in a stagnant stage, has no money for consumption, no reflow of funds, become a dead net, finally only submerged in the tide of commercial websites.


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