in the current business policy, and for others to work hard for a lifetime, so that the child has always been a left behind children, it is better to rely on preferential policies, home entrepreneurship. To this end, this year, the town of Yingshan Lei Zhen implementation of the four way work, full support and service to return migrant workers employment entrepreneurship. As of June 30th, the town has more than 560 migrant workers return to employment and entrepreneurship.

positive communication". Printed in a timely manner to support the return of migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship preferential policies 20, more than 1600 copies of brochures, to the masses, to enhance the understanding of preferential policies for migrant workers return home". In the town of convenient service hall, the human society center, the trade and industry and other units to set up a return migrant workers service window, providing a window of quality services, improve efficiency; try to "flexible"".

for many entrepreneurs, the most afraid of a job is just a formality, you need to go through a lot of processes, very delayed time. To this end, the local strive to do ideological change, change on the way, the program changes, to further optimize the approval process, reduce the approval process, to maximize the convenience of returning migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship; service". Town land, agriculture, food and drug supervision branch and other units, "green light", go through the formalities with the fastest speed, the return of migrant workers into the fast track of entrepreneurship.

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