each person’s personality is different, the way to deal with things will be different, which gives some shop owners have brought greater challenges. In fact, the operation, and sometimes encounter some trouble, if the attitude is not good or mishandled, it is bound to affect their business.

a day in the first half of last year. There is a boss Lee in my shop for project teams of workers to buy two "Hongjinlong" (soft fine). What about the second day morning, boss Lee came to the store with a cigarette, angrily said: "this smoke is false, taste is wrong, how do you see?"

"no, I just got in from tobacco companies." I said.

"crap, to refund!" Boss Li said impatiently.

"don’t worry, I’ll take a look." I quickly explained, yes, is my shop smoke, there are security code."

security code is also false!" Lee boss said.

"you don’t worry, if I buy cigarettes, I will be very angry."

Lee boss listen to this, nodded.

"everybody thinks about it." See his attitude gradually from Warrington, I then said: "I never sell fake stores, if you don’t hurry, I’ll contact the tobacco companies’s monopoly staff, help to distinguish."

then, I contacted the tobacco companies monopoly. They identified the test as true smoke. "Am I mistaken?" Lee boss still doubts. By the way, did the man ever drink wine? Do you have a cold?" I asked. "Yeah, I remember. He caught a cold yesterday." Boss Lee a little regret, "see light suddenly, the cold will affect the taste of cigarette. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry to disturb you." After that, the boss will buy cigarettes to buy my shop.

I think, any one shop business people for such a situation will not be unfamiliar, but different treatment methods, the results may be different. Such a thing I met several times, but every time I try to use the words "conversion" to "trouble" customers "cool", and then patiently explained, no matter who is right and who is wrong, be in a calm mood to deal with, not only solve the problem, but also retain customers.

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