said a promotion, almost any industry will use some existing resources with some attractive shape so as to attract more consumers, however, this form of promotion for the tobacco industry sales, is still very distant. However, under the new situation, the tobacco industry began to use the sales model!

give you some old cigarette cases, what do you think? Maybe a few cigarette lovers will be collected, but most people probably will choose to lose, and the red Liaoning marketing center in Benxi office colleagues thought it a good idea, that is to use these waste or recycling cigarette into various models, such as: the sail boat model of the sea. The tank model Shirupozhu Yong forward, and Transformers model. Change unpredictably……

use the model of cigarette marketing colleagues to shape a well, just let people clapped. Seemingly seemingly unintentional behavior on the surface, in fact, there is a profound meaning, that is to use these models to attract the attention of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of stimulating consumption.

in today’s commodity society, relying on terminal stores to sell goods in the form of business is still one of the important ways to get business interests. Therefore, the store’s merchandise display directly affects the performance of commodity sales, and good display design can attract consumers, convey the connotation of brand culture and beautify the role of goods.

Benxi marketing colleagues knew quite well, before their super promotion in the "eleven" business activities after careful planning and design, the fine cigarette box into a paste recycling tank model, Benxi commercial building was consumer promotional site, surrounded by a three layer in the three layer, many consumers in the praise at the same time. Consult how to sell this model, after marketing colleagues explain not to sell, many consumers are beginning to buy this fine cigarette making model. The promotion promotion function of the tank model and marketing colleagues to Benxi, 10 days of the original commercial building spare fine brand cigarette, only 4 days will be sold out, the promotion role of other visible cigarette case.

"eleven" super promotional activities after the end of the Benxi marketing colleagues have tasted the sweetness of the cigarette since pendulum model in Benxi commercial building promotion point can promote the consumption, so in other terminal stores put cigarette model also can promote the consumption, so the Benxi marketing colleagues after thinking and design, and sailing model, with a cigarette and paste meaning the terminal stores display Everything is going smoothly., get the effect is surprisingly good.

is a terminal owners love, because the display of innovative and creative, Everything is going smoothly. also implies the Business Flourishes, so deep the terminal stores owners favor; two is the love of consumers, many consumers in the identity of the idea at the same time, the production of cigarette as a model.

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