colleges and universities has been the forefront of innovation and technology talent gathering place, the Internet era is also the era of college students show their skills. In the stage of economic transformation and upgrading, the seeds of innovation and entrepreneurship began to take root in the major colleges and universities.

3 day, 300 teams, nearly 3000 people participated, was regarded as a showcase of contemporary college students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship of the first Chinese "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship finals, the evening of October 20th at the Jilin University to determine the winner, Beihang University system, Zhejiang University Unicorn unmanned helicopter intelligent vision devices and smart wearable devices for myopia prevention and control, coordinate champion.

to fantasy, more down to earth

10 19, HeFei University of Technology, the core of intelligent greenhouse planting cloud steward team first entered the stadium. Wang Liangfan, head of the team to describe a picture of the future of Agriculture: open the phone client, light, temperature, humidity and other data at a glance. Even hundreds of kilometers away, managers can also complete the real-time control of greenhouse equipment.

a entrepreneurship courses, talk for the success of the business case, submit a "empty talk" on the recommendation of guitar lessons

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