in recent years, with the application of the Internet, Taobao has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, shop on Taobao is more and more, some people shop such as flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum soon disappear, after all, very competitive, but the heroine will open shop is booming,

Taobao shop start

from March to this year in June, just three months time, her Taobao shop quickly grew into the three diamond. "I want people to shop to enjoy Linjiaxiaomei like warm and attentive service, as in a home for tasting Red Bean Bun as free free." This is a 85 after the girl’s creativity and determination, she is shop snow produced the owner Zhao snow.

home to start looking at the world music

was hit by a child because of gentamicin, weak listening so that Zhao Xue has been vague to think that he is not the same as others, will take an unusual way. She hopes to one day be able to work and live in their own control environment, and not because of hearing caused too many obstacles. But the business realized easier said than done, the distance between dream and reality, Zhao Xue had to join the army of the students employment.

2008, Zhao Xue logistics management graduate, began to look around in Beijing. After some twists and turns, she finally found a job in the freight company to do sales. But because of hearing problems, Zhao Xue’s work is not smooth. Base salary is only 800 yuan per month, while the rent is about $900, in a big city like Beijing, Zhao Xue is more than a temptation to pressure". She resolutely decided to return home in the arrangement of the family, Zhao snow helpless to do the work of the bank counter, but the lack of hearing is still affecting her face to face communication with others. "I have to find a way out." Zhao Xue said.

2009 years, Zhao Xue from the Internet to see a lot of people through Taobao shop, she was attracted. On the Internet communication, can let her through the screen to communicate with the outside world, and from the line of dialogue embarrassment, this is not what she wanted? One day in August, Zhao Xue went to work at a Taobao shop in Hangzhou. After more than half a year’s time, in the process of mastering the store and skills, by the end of 2009, Zhao Xue decided to leave Hangzhou, return home again, open a Taobao shop. In some two or three line city, a lot of people know that online shopping but not how to use, this is a waiting to be nurtured in the market, the idea is certainly not wrong shop." Zhao Xue confident and optimistic, she believes that compared to the line shop, Taobao involves less money, but the face of more consumers. Simple to raise money to start after March 2010, Zhao Xue officially store for their design of the "snow produced" brand, Wangwang ID called "Red Bean Bun", Taobao store officially opened. Her friend Wang Dan was also recommended

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