The United Provinces held

entrepreneurship education summit, to help business students more in-depth understanding of the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset is correct, has great influence on the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education can not be less.

4 on Sept. 8, 2016 the first Jin Jiyu on innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Development Summit held in Anyang normal college, from inside and outside our province and Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei province more than 80 universities and corporate executives, entrepreneurs were more than 300 participants.

"to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education as school restructuring and development, to serve the regional economic development, improve the quality of personnel training, to promote the breakthrough of" students of higher quality employment, "the school should provide the public record space, providing a one-stop professional service for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship"…… The summit, Taiwan University, Anyang Normal University, the Huanghuai University and other colleges and universities, Henan’s first public record space UFO public record space founder Li Yang, respectively how the university innovation made a wonderful speech.


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