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economy has been rapid development, but not all regions, the economy has achieved the same development, in some areas of China’s economic development is still relatively slow. Reporters recently learned from the Guangxi finance office, Guangxi rural financial reform has entered a new stage of comprehensive deepening. In 2016, Guangxi focus on promoting the improvement of rural inclusive financial service system, increase the supply of rural financial services, rural financial products and service innovation, accelerate the construction of rural credit system, perfect the agricultural guarantee system, accelerate the development of agricultural insurance, increase the financial strength of precise poverty.

increase the guidance and support of 8 key tasks, to produce a brilliant results, the promotion of rural financial reform has achieved remarkable results in Tiandong experience. As of the end of 11, Guangxi region established village "three rural financial service room 3059, is 2 times the target set at the beginning of the year, compared with the end of the year increased 2206, administrative village coverage rate reached 21.24%, compared with the end of last year increased by 15.21 percentage points.

by the end of 11, the Guangxi region to help farmers withdrawals (payment) service points up to 18 thousand, the administrative villages coverage rate reached 100%, the completion of the year to determine the target.

as of the end of 11, the balance of agricultural loans in Guangxi region 667 billion 593 million yuan, an increase of 11.58%, the completion of the year to determine the target.

by the end of 11, the Guangxi region has established rural credit files of 5 million 260 thousand households, has assessed the "letter users 4 million 30 thousand households, create up to 37%; assessed credit village 3258, create 22.63%; assessed credit township (town) 226, create a 19.58%; credit county the 4 is expected to exceed; at the beginning of the year 3" more than 20% "target.

deadline at the end of 11, Guangxi region’s agricultural insurance premium income of 710 million yuan, an increase of 49.93%, with a total amount of nearly 36 billion yuan risk protection for the region’s agricultural production; agricultural insurance claims paid 460 million yuan, benefiting about 298 thousand farmers.

deadline at the end of 9, Guangxi region’s poverty alleviation loans 130 billion 381 million yuan, an increase of 54.42%, the Chinese CDB ADBC issued to resettle project loans 19 billion 400 million yuan, a total payment of 17 billion 25 million yuan during the year, the benefit of participatory poverty population is 851 thousand and 600.

Guangxi how to win the fight against poverty? Through the above reports we can see that the local government in order to make a better life for the people, to take a series of measures, hope these measures in the next few years, we can see the significant market effect. Also recommend

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