, after all, is the only one of countless women’s life, a lot of people are of great importance in the selection of the wedding is also careful, want to choose a more perfect wedding. It is because of this demand, many international wedding brand with fashion design, become a unique brand in people’s minds. People in the choice of wedding dress brand and hesitant, below we will introduce some of the most popular wedding list of the top ten brands.

wedding list of the top ten brands NO.1, Pronovias: Spanish romantic love

this Spanish wedding dress by the British Queen Elizabeth II, and other Hollywood favorite. White fantasy, timeless elegance, high Guilang slow in a variety of styles to create the one and only gorgeous wedding dress.

wedding list of the top ten brands NO.2, Rosa Clara

1995 was founded in Barcelona, in order to fabric innovation and quality of civilization, and will bring a sense of fashion design in the field of wedding. RosaClara firmly believe that every woman’s wedding dreams should be realized, her understanding of the wedding is very romantic, but also unusual reality. Currently in Europe, America, Central Asia, South Asia, and even Africa, there are more than and 100 Rosa Clara brand stores.

wedding list of the top ten brands NO.3, Cymbeline

originated in France, has a history of more than 30 years. Cymbeline in order to make the traditional wedding ideas with the spirit of the times, combined with the teenage dream and exquisite tailoring skills, created their own studio in an old seventeenth Century inside, works to the twenty-first Century bride blowing a romantic fashion. The design is full of passion and imagination, with material bold clipping and show ingenuity, embroidery from glass yarn jacquard satin brocade to, for its luxurious add fabulous light.

wedding list of the top ten brands NO.4, Carolina Herrera: the bride’s modern era

designer CarolinaHerrera has both French and Spanish aristocratic descent, the old social life and nostalgia gave the modern woman a distinctive temperament. The brand combines the gorgeous gorgeous European and modern American wedding design style with great tension and personality. Olivia Palermo Carolina Herrera in 2014 from the wedding with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl knot.

wedding list of the top ten brands NO.5, Mon>

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