now China’s recruitment is what kind of state, that is, a large number of college students do not work, but there are many companies recruit people. You may be wondering why this is? Let these unemployed college students to fill these vacancies will not do it? I think the government is the same, but it is also willing to go to college students. This is not a college student can not find a job but can not find their own satisfactory work. So people can not recruit people panic, look at these people can not get into the restaurant business, but also busy at a loss. Restaurant for a few months did not recruit people of the phenomenon is common, I think these food and beverage boss is really a headache, then the food and beverage boss how to do?

catering shop less than the boss how to do?

first recruit, do not open such a big shop

in the past, a restaurant are hundreds of square meters, but now is not the same, we are so busy now, who have so much time to go to your restaurant, you need to take away, so shop, dozens of square is enough.

second strokes, do online business

takeaway brother has become a unique landscape on the market, they are busy shuttling between tall buildings, they go to dinner, they will be very busy, because how to send the list is not finished. The restaurant owner to be wise, and the United States to take away such a platform to cooperate, let them give you more business.

The third measure: take


now people are rich in material, people have more choices, so now the restaurant to open fire on the need to have special dishes, specialty dishes can firmly attract consumers.

fourth recruit: treat your employees well

The owner of the

restaurant in addition to recruit people, also need to treat some employees now, if you stay, then your restaurant is really nobody, so treat employees now, let your team have.

face the recruitment of the food and beverage industry dilemma, these hopes can help you boss!

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