is the main food for American potatoes originally, and the origin of potato powder has a lot to say, is said to be derived from the Three Kingdoms period, found that Cao Zhi was banished when a delicacy, but also said that the Ming Dynasty palace chefs to create a potato powder such delicacy, by the Emperor Wanli love will be handed down. Now, in the city’s high streets and back lanes can be seen everywhere on different kinds of potato flour, potato powder with praise for people said: "the entrance stay mellow, long aftertaste long Wang smiled" potato powder is such a let you join the brand fragrance. There is a very good reputation among consumers, then what is the advantage to join this brand?

Wang Wang potato flour to join the advantages of

join has the following advantages:

first, site guidance

company to help franchisees choose the right address. For the location of the store, the shop from the shopping district, the flow of people and other factors to give a comprehensive investigation, so that franchisees shop more in line with the local market, so that franchisees can make money quickly.

two, professional training

company was founded in 2004, has a professional experience in the market, the company responsible for the franchisee attitude for the franchisee from the shop to comprehensive training management, and constantly improve the quality of the franchisee, the franchisee can make better business store.

three, opening guidance

store opened, the company will send professionals to join the shop guidance, the most professional guidance to the store opened!

four, business guidance

After the opening of the

, the company sent sales staff for all aspects of the franchise business line inspection, timely detection of problems, help solve problems, enhance the management of the restaurant, to enhance the operation.

five, product replacement

market is always changing, consumer tastes are constantly changing, the only constant innovation in order to better cater to the tastes of consumers, the company will continue to provide to the franchisee new dishes, competitors may not exceed


six, good brand

Helen Wang potato powder with delicious potato powder and good service, allow consumers to eat the new potato powder, after ten years of development, has formed a very good reputation, the formation of higher brand


potato powder market is currently

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