innovation and entrepreneurship is not only a personal choice to achieve the cause of the ideal, the achievement of economic success is a good choice, but also a city to achieve sustainable development of the important work. As the old industrial city of Wuhan, in the double wave on innovation and entrepreneurship, the potential to aspiring Renaissance Wuhan.

Qingshan District is the traditional industrial zone, has a natural innovation gene, small to the technological innovation of industrial workers, to major achievements of scientific research personnel, the innovation in the castle is deep tradition, is a new impetus to the development of.

Service hit off the whole chain of

"innovation need government support, the government is willing to act as a waiter, effective communication is very important." The official said that he would set up a desk in the public space, at least 3 times a week, with the creation of a friend who made a timely solution to the difficulties encountered in the business.

10 22, after more than 8 months of preparation, the creation of a public space in the mountains of the national science and technology business incubator located in metallurgical Avenue Torch Hotel officially opened. The public record of space in the building 12 floor, 3 layer composite structure, an area of more than and 800 square meters, access to the fast fiber, can satisfy a customer need the internet. There is a roadshow Center for the exchange of training, there are business mentors and legal, accounting and other intermediary service institutions settled, but also opened up a venture for the Wuhan University of Science and Technology area, etc..

in August this year, a "urban" sister "online call to help sell walnuts" news in the online heat transfer, said two female urban district of Wuchang to see a guy in Henan Liantan sell walnut in law enforcement, to help understand the whole story, he sold more than 2 thousand pounds of nuclear Peach in the circle of friends in the WeChat story. The story of the hawkers called Nie Meng, is recommended in Henan

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