first_imgHere is something everyone can relate to: You tell your mother that you are tired or you have a headache, and the first thing she would say is, “It’s because you are always on your phone/computer!”And guess what? She’s right. The amount of time you spend looking at digital devices can, in fact, affect you in more than one way. It’s called Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain, and it’s common among children and adults alike.What causes digital eye strain?Just as the name suggests, prolonged screen time is the main reason for digital eye strain. Like gaming or binge-watching shows without any break, reading for a long time in dim light, and using phone before bed.A report says an average Indian spends about 3-4 hours on social media alone. That added with 7-8 hours of screen time in a desk-bound job can take a toll on your eyes. Also, according to researchers, the blue light from our phone and computer screen is the main reason for eye irritation.What are the symptoms?Some of the common symptoms include:Red eyesEye irritationDry or watery eyesHeadacheShoulder and back painBlurry or double visionHaving trouble concentratingDifficulty keeping eyes openFatigueExpert advice:Computer vision syndrome has become common in recent years. Though it doesn’t have any serious or long-term consequences, it can be unpleasant and a hindrance to your work. So, here are some steps you can take to protect your eyes:Blink – Most of us blink less while working on our computer, which results in dry eyes.Check your posture and work desk setup – Now, almost all of us are in a deskbound job, sitting in front of a computer for 7-8 hours. So, make sure your computer screen is at your eye level, and there is no glare on the screen. And always maintain a proper posture. Slouching will strain your eyes.Have a break- You know when your eyes feel tired, so take a small break for at least five minutes and relax your eyes.Adjust the brightness – Make sure to check the contrast between the text and the background.Don’t use your phone in bed – All of us have this unhealthy habit of using our phone in our bed. The blue light from your phone screen will not only dry out your eyes but will also make you sleep-deprived.Get a computer glass – Wearing a computer glass is a great way to protect your eyes from blue light and glare.Get regular eye checkup – This is something most of us fail to follow. Getting eye checkup done annually or twice a year can help you identify any abnormalities at an earlier stage.We live in a time where our phone and computer has become part of our daily routine. We depend on them for work, to relax, and to communicate with our family and friends, which makes it impossible to avoid them. So, what you can do is limit your screen time and follow the safety measures mentioned above.If you continue to have these symptoms, then it is safe to visit an eye hospital for a checkup. To get the best treatment, always do a background check about the hospital to know if they are well-equipped.They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, so take good care of it.last_img

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