first_imgWhen I see successful women talking about feminism, it is fascinating to me. But when I talk of successful women, I talk about both material and emotional or spiritual success in life.In my twenty years of existence, I have learnt that both kinds of success are equally important to a person.I don’t celebrate a woman dependent on her husband for every single penny. She has to cry over her failures all her life.Neither do I celebrate a woman who has followed her dreams, achieved what she always desired and doesn’t have her kids and husband back at home. In both cases, there’s a lack of contentment which eventually leads to a lack of happiness.My Feminism says that every woman and man should be allowed to exercise their right to choose. A man who decides to stay at home, look after kids, takes care of the household shouldn’t be judged. Neither a woman working all night should be judged. Accordingly, people can choose their partners as per their convenience.But when both the parents work, parents shouldn’t be questioned about their children’s upbringing. I’m partial to women not only because I’m one of them, but because I have an idea about the endurance capability we possess. A woman can work in the office, look after the household and raise her children in the best way she can. She can do it alone, but if her husband supports her in this process, the journey becomes more beautiful, lively and memorable.My Feminism asks for my husband’s love, care, support and respect. My Feminism longs for my children’s affection to me. My Feminism wants everything that a woman wants in life. This is what my Feminism stands for.last_img

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